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With over 34 years of experience in the automotive industry, Show Room Auto Tinting is here to ensure that your vehicle looks like it just left the factory years later! Our certified installers pride themselves on the highest level of detail possible. Our products carry a full transferable warranty and can be listed on Carfax, adding value to your vehicle (one of the only ceramic coatings backed by a 3rd party insurance company). This is why you should choose Show Room Auto Tinting for your vehicle.

Certified Installers
We, as Certified Installers, complete all jobs with the highest level of detail.

Protection For Years
Your Ceramic Coating provides semi-permanent protection for years to come. No more polishing and no more waxing.

Resistance to Wear
Resistance to bug and bird staining, water spotting, water swirling, chemicals, acid rain, and more. Amazing release and hydrophobic properties.
Window Tinting
Prolonged exposure to UV sun rays has damaging consequences. Turning to us for your window tinting needs assure you a high-performing window film and a professional experience.
Vehicle Wraps
Looking for a new or unique look for your vehicle. We have professionals equipped with cutting-edge tools and technology to deliver flawless car wrap services.
Paint Protection
Using high standard techniques and quality material, we ensure giving an impressive look to your car. Whether you choose vehicle paint polishing, paint correction or ceramic coating.
Great Car Services
Ceramic Coating
Interior Ceramic Coating
Window Tinting

Show Room Auto Tinting has a steady stream of dedicated Customers because our customer service is paramount! We guarantee our craftsmanship by working efficiently and rapidly to ensure your satisfaction with your vehicle.

Our Ceramic Coating we use is from As of now we exclusively use their products and the information on their site can be helpful.

Interior Ceramic Coating

Owner’s Pride Interior Ceramic Coating is backed by a 7-year warranty that covers everything from food and stains and sun fading to rips, tears and burns. Our interior ceramic coating provides an extra layer of protection to all fabric, leather, plastic, carpet, and vinyl on the inside of your vehicle. This protection creates more water tension on all soft surfaces providing an easier cleaning and protection from stains setting in. 


UV rays protection:
Protect your skin from the scorching sun.
Keep it cool:
Lower the inside temperature of your vehicle, home or business by 80%.
Save money:
Cut on energy costs and preserve your interiors by lowering the heat and UV rays.

Window Tinting is backed by lifetime transferable warranty.


We are professional film handlers here at Show Room Ceramic Coatings. With over 34 years of experience, we have perfected our craft to a higher level than most of our competitors. Caring about our customers' needs, offering the best of materials, decades of experience and having a clean surgical shop for vehicle applications, sets us above the rest. When it comes to the best for your vehicle, we are the ones to choose!

Top of the Line Products

When properly applied to painted metals, plastics and glass, corrosive materials cannot adhere to the surface, and easily lift and rinse away. It is the ultimate protection for your vehicle’s surfaces. Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating is backed by a 7-year warranty. Our ceramic is applied to your paint, rims, plastic molding, and headlights for maximum protection.

D Liu

Had just picked up a new Raptor and wanted to protect it. Sent it down to Bobby at Show room for the ceramic coating paint protection and they took care of me. Great customer service explained the process and took their time to do it right, that's all you could ask for is professional, courteous work and they delivered. Truck looks awesome paint is slick and shiny ! thanks guys!

Shawn Reevie

Extremely happy with the prices but the customer service was by far the best part of my experience!! Bobby took the time to explain the entire ceramic coating process to me. He didn’t try to just sell me a product he explained the benefits of every service they offered to allow me to decide what i wanted. I received text updates and pictures throughout the day when he was working on my vehicle and took care of it like it was his own. If i could give this place more than 5 stars i would! I highly highly recommend anyone looking to get their vehicle ceramic coated or windows tinted to go see Bobby at showroom ceramic coating!!

John P

Bobby and his staff did an amazing job with the ceramic coating on my 911. I have had this car for almost 20 years and it never looked this nice. They were promo, professional and a pleasure to work with….. oh by the way he did my car after he performed magic on my older Cobalt boat, it’s a 16 year old boat that the gel coat was a bit faded and now it looks like a new boat. I would highly recommend Bobbie and his staff to work their magic on whatever you drive.

Doug Friermuth

I first used the company to clean, polish and coat my 42' Tiara yacht. The work performed earned them several other boats at my marina. The results for all were spectacular.
Since the boat I have had them do:
My son's wake boat and Ford Raptor, my Shelby Mustang, Porsche 911 Turbo S, Lincoln Aviator, Ford F350, 4 Harley Davidson motorcycles, mini jet boat and that earned more business from friends and family.
Bobby will undoubtedly make you very happy with any services he provides. He is extremely conscientious with higher expectations than I have myself.
You can't go wrong using any of the services his company offers.

Patrick Zook

Great customer service, the owner did the work himself on a Saturday and it turned out great! He didn’t hesitate to answer any questions I had! Thanks Bobby! Also hooked me up with some car wash supplies!

Nakita Green

I had a wonderful experience with June and Bobby, as they were professional, personable and very customer centric. After my husband did some research on local tint shops, he ultimately selected Show Room Auto Tinting, mostly based on their customer feedback & reviews. He made an appointment and took his Toyota Avalon in for a full tint job and was overly pleased with their work. When I saw the the work they did on my hubby's vehicle, I asked him to make an appointment for me to get tinting done on my Chevy Suburban. Let me just say, the materials and workmanship were top notch! I absolutely loved the tint work they did on my truck! Unfortunately, a couple of weeks after the tinting was done, I took my truck to an auto detail shop where that shop damaged my window tinting and offered to replace for free. I took them up on the offer because they needed to fix what they broke, but afterwards I regretted it because they did a bum job and I was highly dissatisfied. I decided to go back to Show Room Auto Tinting and had them to remove the bum company's tint job and tint my windows again. And of course, Show Room Auto Tinting over delivered!! My hats off to them for a job well done!! This is the best tint shop in Tacoma in my opinion. Get your tinting done here if you never want to worry about the work being done right. Thank you June and Bobby!! Really appreciate you guys for taking good care of me!!