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We Are Show Room

Our name says it all.. We are professional film handlers here at Show Room Auto Tinting. With over 34 years of experience, we have perfected our craft to a higher level than most of our competitors. Window tinting has come a long way over the years and here at Show Room, we think we had a lot to do with that growth. Caring about our customers' needs, offering the best of materials, decades of experience and having a clean surgical shop for vehicle applications, sets us above the rest. When it comes to window tinting, we are the ones to choose!

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Our Services
Window Tinting

Elevate your driving experience and stay cool under the sun with our professional window tinting services, combining style, comfort, and protection.

Hard Water Spot Removal

Remove stubborn hard water spots with specialized removal services.

Vehicle Wraps

Transform your car into a striking masterpiece using innovative and customizable vehicle wraps.

Owner’s Pride (OP) Ceramic Protection

Experience the pinnacle of automotive care with Owner’s Pride (OP) ceramic protection, providing unmatched durability and a “Show Room” worthy shine that lasts for years.

Paint Chip Repair

The repairing little rock chips on your paint from road debris. Rust Prevention and helps chips from expanding .OEM paint codes for best match.

Car Detailing

Wash, Dash Guard Vacuum, Ceramic Drying Aid, and our High Gloss Ceramic Detailer for 6 months of shine and protection. Free windshield coating included

Paint Protection Film

Our paint protection film has a Glossy Finish Hydrophobic Advanced water repelling properties. Anti-contamination, easy to remove contaminants. Stain resistant self-healing by heat or hot water. Our paint protection film is warrantied for years.

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