Ceramic Coating


  • Fully transferable warranty
  • Protection from UV damage
  • More resistance to bug and bird staining
  • More resistance to water spotting and swirling
  • Resistance to chemicals and acid rain
  • Amazing release and hydrophobic properties
  • Ease of maintenance
  • No more waxing
  • No more polishing


OP PRO is a non-warrantied Automotive Ceramic Coating that enhances the appearance and hydrophobic properties of a vehicle’s surface. OP Pro with regular maintenance & best wash practices should last for 2-4 years.

• $800 TRUCK/SUV
• $900 3RD ROW/VAN


• $1200 TRUCK/SUV
• $1300 3RD ROW/VAN


• $1500 TRUCK/SUV
• $1600 3RD ROW/VAN


• $2200 TRUCK/SUV
• $2300 3RD ROW/VAN

This is a minimum retail price of the coating with a 1 step polish included. 1 step polish = “Gloss Enhancement”.
Some swirls and defects may be removed, however this is not a paint correction process.


  • Hand/Pressure wash
  • Chemical decontamination
  • Clay bar mechanical decontamination (if needed)
  • One-step ultra fine machine polish (size & condition may increase price)
  • Ceramic coating is applied to all exterior paint, trim/plastics, wheel faces
  • Door-jambs, windows and interior wipe down
  • Free follow up wash within 30 days of application


Owner’s Pride 5 Year Power Sports Ceramic Coating product is an unrivaled guardian for your customer’s prized ATVs, UTVs, Golf Carts, and other power sport vehicles. Crafted with precision, this advanced ATV/UTV ceramic coating offers a permanent bond to coated surfaces, redefining the protection and aesthetics of your power sport toys.

Experience the transformative benefits as Owner’s Pride ATV Ceramic Coating shields against environmental contaminants, from bird droppings to UV damage, ensuring your power sport vehicles remain in pristine condition. Unlike traditional coatings, this permanent protection extends beyond the surface, protecting your factory paint against the harsh realities of off-road adventures and outdoor excursions.

Auto detailers and power sport enthusiasts alike will appreciate the remarkable effects of Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating. Its multi-layer application ensures maximum durability, offering an added advantage to portions of the vehicle that endure additional physical contact, such as gas tanks and side fairings.


OP RV Ceramic Coating offers the ultimate protection for your customer’s cherished recreational vehicles. This high-quality ceramic coating redefines the RV care experience, offering unparalleled protection against the rigors of the road and the elements, ensuring a pristine appearance that stands the test of time.

Experience the transformative power of Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating for RVs as it forms an impermeable barrier against environmental contaminants. From UV rays to bird droppings and water spots, this protective layer shields your RV’s surfaces, safeguarding them from the damage of daily adventures. Whether it’s a sunny road trip or a rainy escapade, the Owner’s Pride ceramic coating repels water effortlessly, leaving your recreational vehicle spotless and resilient.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating for RVs

Not only does ceramic coating simplify maintenance, but it also offers UV protection, extending the life of your RV’s paint and exterior. The high-quality ceramic coating not only enhances the aesthetics but ensures you spend more time enjoying your RV and less time worrying about its upkeep. With RV Ceramic Coating, the road becomes your canvas, and your recreational vehicle becomes a true reflection of your passion and care.

Designed to cater to both gel coats and painted surfaces, the ceramic coating offers versatile protection for a variety of RV types. Say goodbye to the hassle of frequent cleaning and waxing – elevate your RV care routine and embark on journeys with confidence. Make every adventure a lasting memory and ensure your recreational vehicle’s appearance remains as stunning as the day you set out on the open road.

- Keep your customer’s RVs & Motor Homes easier to maintain & protected from environmental contaminates!

- OP RV Coating is designed for installation on gel coat & painted surfaces alike.

Our Glass Protection helps strengthen any glass and make it easier to maintain. Stronger glass means less road damage over time from rocks and other debris. Glass Protection comes with a state-of-the-art water repellency formula. This allows water, dirt, and debris to roll off the glass without sticking or leaving a residue.

Interior Coating

The OP Interior Ceramic Coating is a versatile solution designed to protect and enhance the interior of vehicles, offering multi-surface coverage.

This product safeguards against wear, UV damage, fading, and spills, providing a comprehensive shield to maintain both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of interior surfaces.

Backed by a warranty, this product not only simplifies maintenance routines but also extends the longevity of interior surfaces, making it an efficient choice for preserving and elevating the quality of vehicle interiors.

Tacoma Ceramic Coating

Tacoma ceramic coating in WA near 98404

Show Room Auto Tinting offers exceptional ceramic coating services in Tacoma, WA. Regular cleaning is not enough to extend the life of your car. Ceramic auto detailing can also enhance your car’s life, value and look. We are one of the most reputable Tacoma ceramic coating service providers that serve you exceptional service. In the auto services providing industry, we have a long time of experience.

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Tacoma Exterior Ceramic Coating

Tacoma exterior ceramic coating in WA near 98404

Your car is an investment. It is an investment of capital, emotion and memories. Your car is completely like a member of your family. That is why taking care of your car is essential. If you are looking for a recognized company for Tacoma exterior ceramic coating, we can do it for you. We have experienced technicians who can provide comprehensive Tacoma exterior ceramic coating services using high-grade material and ideal techniques.

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Tacoma Car Exterior Ceramic Coating

Tacoma car exterior ceramic coating in WA near 98404

Your vehicle is your asset. It is always vital to take care of it. If you are searching for extremely skilled professionals for Tacoma car exterior ceramic coating, you have reached the right place. We are an established company renowned for offering the best and budget-friendly Tacoma car exterior ceramic coating. Using high standard techniques and quality material, we ensure giving an impressive look to your car.

Ceramic coating has the potential to protect your car from sun rays exposure and scratches. Our go-to company for top-end and flawless Tacoma car exterior ceramic coating can provide quality car exterior ceramic coating for you. Including Tacoma car exterior ceramic coating services, you can trust hiring us for:

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  • Vehicle ceramic coating
  • New car coating wax

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Owners Pride Ceramic Exterior Protection

• Protection of the Treated, Factory-Painted Surfaces against permanent damage from: weather induced fading, weather induced chalking, weather induced loss of gloss, acid rain, bird waste, tree sap, insect damage (including love bugs), sun’s UV rays, hard water spots, de-icing agents/road salt, ocean spray, brake dust, rail dust, paint overspray, and fuel stains.

• Protection of the treated factory alloy wheels against permanent damage from: pitting or corrosion caused by road salt, ocean spray, other weather induced damage, and excessive brake dust that can not be easily removed.

• Protection of the treated headlight lenses against damage from: the sun’s harmful UV rays causing dulling, yellowing, or fading of the headlight lens.

• Eligibility: All Years/OEM Paint

Owners Pride Interior Ceramic Coating Limited Transferable Warranty

• Protection of the treated interior fabric and carpet against permanent damage from: fast food, beverage stains, juice boxes, bleaches, dyes, fading, discoloration, sun’s UV rays, mold, mildew, rips and tears less than one (1) inch in length, and punctures and burns less than one-quarter (1/4) inch in diameter.

• Protection of the treated interior leather and vinyl against permanent damage from: fading, discoloration, cracking of the dash, rips and tears less than one (1) inch in length, and punctures and burns less than one-quarter (1/4) inch in diameter.