Car Detailing

Detail your car!

We wash, vacuum, use ceramic drying aids and our high gloss ceramic detailers for 6 months of shine and protection. Free windshield coating included.

Show Room Detail Bronze Package

What's Included:

Hand wash
Clay towel mechanical decontamination
Blow out drip free dry
Wheels & wells
Door jambs
Vacuum, wipe interior surfaces
Interior/exterior windows
Sling free tire shine
Sio2 Sealant applied to the exterior

Car: $200+
Midsize SUV/Truck: $300+
3rd Row: $350+

Add $50/hr for excessive pet hair/sand Ask about our regular maintenance package

Show Room Detail
Silver Package

What's Included:

Bronze Package
Thorough clay bar mechanical decontamination
Iron & mineral deposit chemical decontamination
Compressed air blow out all interior cracks/crevices
Spot clean all interior upholstery
Clean all door dash, vents, leather, and plastic surfaces
Sio2 Sealant applied to exterior

Car: $400+
Midsize SUV/Truck: $500+
3rd Row: $600+

Show Room Detail

What's Included:

Bronze + Silver Package
Gloss enhancement machine polish
Clean & condition all interior surfaces
Deep clean extraction all upholstery
Pro-grade Sio2 sealant applied to exterior
Exterior plastics dressed and protected

Car: $700+
Midsize SUV/Truck: $800+
3rd Row: $1000+